About Us

Our Services

We are a result oriented, membership-based, wellness center located in the scenic Allegheny-Clarion river valley of Western Pennsylvania. We believe that the body can heal from any illness when given the proper environment. We strive to unlock this innate healing ability in our clients by correcting foundational imbalances that jump-start the body’s self-regulating mechanism, thereby restoring health.

Our services address the most fundamental areas of human health:

#1 Biomechanical

Most of the chronic pain issues we see in the clients arise due to structural abnormalities. We use a unique type of bodywork known as Advanced BioStructural Correction™ for correcting posture that helps relieve most injury or chronic pain related issues. ABC™ treatments reduce tension in the spinal cord thereby also relieving many psychological problems.


#2 Biochemical

Many of our health issues are connected with what we put in and on our bodies. We use bioenergetic scans (aka Meridian Stress Assessment) to detect imbalances that can be corrected using nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic remedies.


#3 Psychological

The role of our emotional landscape in overall health can’t be overemphasized. Unpleasant emotional interactions leave an imprint in our minds influencing our future behavior and decisions while adding to our stress levels. We use Emotion Code® to clear these unresolved emotions to jumpstart an unparalleled level of healing for both body and mind.


Our Practitioners

Please note that our approach is independent of what a client’s diagnosis may be. Neither Vaibhav nor Melissa Bawa is a medical professional nor do they seek to establish a physician-patient relationship with clients. We focus on naturally enhancing the biology of individuals rather than working on diseases.