Pain Relief via Posture Correction with Advanced Biostructural Correction™

Pain Relief by Correcting Posture with Advanced Biostructural Correction™

Pain Relief By Posture Correction
“My son received ABC treatment with excellent results. He has not had a migraine since being treated and his posture is greatly improved. He also sleeps much better.” ~ Sandra J.

Advanced Biostructural Correction™ is the only manipulative technique that addresses a compromised posture consistently and predictably. An abnormal body-posture is a sign of brewing circulation problems, chronic pain, structural issues, and neurological complications. Discover the remarkable health benefits that follow when your body stays upright naturally and effortlessly!

Advanced Biostructural Correction™ evolved from decades of research in the field of neurology and various manipulative techniques.

Due to various injuries and lifestyle habits, certain bones in the body go out of place in positions that it can not self-correct since there are no muscles that can pull in the direction needed to fix these displacements.

Problems caused by spinal injuries
Back Pain due to Spinal Injuries and Layered Compensations
Compensations cause pain

Consequently, a layered pattern of compensation develops in the body putting undue pressure on various organs, muscles, connective tissue, nerves, and even blood vessels contributing to illnesses.
Another significant problem is the persistent and excessive stretch on the spinal cord which can cause severe neurological problems in the long run.

Immediate pain relief is the very first benefit most clients experience, but that’s just a side benefit! Deeper down Advanced Biostructural Correction™ does so much more.
The first two photos of women who were treated by an Advanced Biostructural Correction™ are "Before" and "After" shots from the same day and next (rightmost).
The first two photos of women who were treated by an Advanced Biostructural Correction™ are “Before” and “After” shots from the same day and next (rightmost). 1Photo Source: Official Website of Institute of Advanced Biostructural Correction™

As seen in the photo above, an ABC™ treatment results in a marked improvement in posture indicating that all bones in the body are lined up in their natural positions.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • The essential difference between the two, aside from their definition, is that it’s almost always the compensations that cause painful symptoms. That is true unless the pain is present due to a non-structural issue like tumor, infection, fracture and the like. Often, compensations result in muscles having to exert forces that they shouldn’t need to for normal functioning of the body. It is this unnecessary exertion on the muscles that eventually catch up resulting in pains and aches in the body.

    Why it’s important is that in a regular course of Advanced Biostructural Correction™ treatment, only spinal injuries are corrected while compensations are left alone. The reason for this is that your body has resorted to a compensation as the best possible way to handle an injury situation. In that sense, unless one is being treated by ABC™, the body essentially needs these compensations to stay in an optimum configuration and minimize the burden of its structural predicament.

  • The reason for poor posture lies in spinal injuries which cause excessive forces to exert on the various organs, muscles, connective tissue, and blood vessels. Poor posture also applies unnatural and persistent stretch on the spinal cord preventing nerve signals to pass through your nervous system efficiently. This situation down the road can manifest as neurological problems contributing to degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Multiple Sclerosis.

  • The #1 sign of a compromised posture is a person having to put effort into holding themselves up. When there are no spinal injuries present, your body should be able to hold itself up on its own. It’s the function of your skeleton to maintain a good posture, not of your muscles. If you have to use muscles to keep yourself vertical, you are overworking your muscles. Muscles that work overtime are sore muscles!
    Other signs include:

    • having to shift positions when standing for a few minutes
    • standing with a leg extended off to a side
    • having to sit using a prop like a pillow
    • compromised gait like waddling, springy legs, and uneven walking or running
    • cracking neck when working in a sitting position or otherwise
  • Right from the outset, clients experience pain relief, and their posture improves. They regain their ability to perform activities that they couldn’t for decades, in some cases. The reason is simple: they had been carrying injuries in their bodies for years unaware that they could be fixed. Aside from pain-relief, commonly felt benefits in daily life include:

    • being able to go up and down the steps with relative ease
    • not having to use a walker, cane or wheelchair
    • being able to lift weight they couldn’t before
    • being able to turn head farther to check blind spots when driving, for example
    • height gain
    • improved sleep
    • improved continence
    • improved breathing
    • and more
  • Experience has shown that most people take anywhere from one to three years of regular care to completely heal. However, this would vary depending on the severity of your problem. The key to remember is that there is an endpoint with ABC™ treatment. No other form of physical manipulative discipline currently offers this assurance.

  • No, although it was developed by a chiropractor and many chiropractors worldwide practice it. In fact, ABC™ is entirely the opposite of chiropractic. As explained above, ABC™ practitioners work on fixing the spinal injuries not compensations (read answers above for definitions). When a person goes to a chiropractor pointing to the area of pain, they would typically receive an adjustment at that very area.

    The problem with working on areas of pain is that, although there may be relief at the moment, the chiropractor has broken a compensation that the body had devised. Consequently, the body either “resets” to the same compensation or has to find another area to develop a new one. That is why it’s common for the pain to return, either at the same place or elsewhere, after a chiropractic adjustment within days. That is also why sometimes chiropractic adjustments can make one’s situation worse or give inconsistent results.

    An important legal distinction is that Advanced Biostructural Correction™ practitioners may or may not be licensed medical professionals, as is the case in our office. If seeing a licensed medical professional is crucial to you, we advise you to look elsewhere.

Vaibhav Bawa is the sole certified provider of Advanced BioStructural Correction™ in Western Pennsylvania. With this life-changing protocol, Vaibhav has been able to help clients get relieved of migraines, body pain, and chronic stress. He offers wellness services both at-distance and in-office by appointment.


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