About 6 to 8 months ago I began to have worsening severe mid and low back pain, muscle spasms and muscle tightness. It was to the point I could barely bend down to put on my shoes.

I have had problems off and on most of my life and had been told I have scoliosis, a high shoulder, a leg length discrepancy, among other things, and have been treated with physical therapy, OMT, and gone to chiropractors.

I began to weigh my options on how I wanted to approach this and happened to see an ad for ABC. I started to do some research. I came to the conclusion that while all the prior therapies were helping to mask the symptoms temporarily, that the scoliosis was actually probably the root of the problem and the ABC protocol sounded like it would address this, and I was happy to find there was a practitioner near me.

After 1 week of treatment I began to have greater range of motion of my neck and arms. I had occasional shoulder pain and decreased range of motion after a fall, and this pain and stiffness was completely gone. By the end of week 2, while still having some pain and stiffness in the mid and low back, the muscle spasms were completely gone and I was just feeling better in general and sleeping better. By week 3, I am having greater leg and lower back flexibility and range of motion with only occasional mild pain with bending. Vaibhav has very informative every step of the way and I am more than pleased with my progress and treatment I have received and look forward to seeing what is next to come in this journey.