What our clients say…

ZERO cramps

Though I didn’t think I had any issues with my health or structure, after receiving just a few ABC sessions, I observed noticeable improvements in how I felt performing everyday activities. My ability to comfortably stand for longs hours, as I do at work, returned. My moods became more balanced and stable, where I had… Read more “ZERO cramps”

Ann Smith, Pennsylvania

Freedom to Relax!

I have found that when I am driving, there is a freedom that allows me to relax. The external distractions aren’t as strong and my ability to focus seems to be more enhanced. I have been trying to detach myself from matters I have no control over even though they have been brought to my… Read more “Freedom to Relax!”

Pain gone after 23 years of suffering

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Migraine Gone

My son received ABC treatment with excellent results. He has not had a migraine since being treated and his posture is greatly improved. He also sleeps much better.

Accurate and Informative

Vaibhav has been consulting with me for over 3 months. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and knew that there would be surgery and the possibility of chemotherapy among other things. I was interested in improving and strengthening my body systems in the hopes of being able to “bounce back” more quickly or possibly eliminate… Read more “Accurate and Informative”

A New Experience

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Feeling Grounded

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Anger Management

Hello! I wanted to let you know that I have not noticed hardly any anger recently. Mike even brought it up the other night about how he hasn’t been feeling angry either. He has been very helpful and thoughtful. When I do hear him get frustrated, we can talk about it reasonably. He is still… Read more “Anger Management”

Teenage Troubles

When I first was introduced to the concept of emotion code release, I had no idea what it meant and how it worked. I can still say I don’t know how it works, but I KNOW IT WORKS.
After a single session with Melissa, where many trapped emotions were released from my 14 year… Read more “Teenage Troubles”

Alcohol Addiction

Today will be day 7 for my husband with no drinks. That is the longest he’s gone without a drink since I married him 5 years ago. Amazing. And he just took his blood pressure – it’s low! It’s never low and its low!!!!