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Last revised on September 13, 2020

If you took the slump test and it came positive, you likely slouch during most of your waking hours. We all have been taught since childhood to hold up our posture and we do our best. Well, we all know how that goes when you’re not paying attention. And you can’t be stressing about your posture constantly, in fact, you shouldn’t be! Maintaining proper posture is the job of your bones, more specifically spinal bones, which they can only perform when in the right positions.

A slumped posture collapses your chest cavity exerting pressure on the lungs and the heart. With ABC™, the first noticeable improvement clients see is better breathing. What they may not notice yet someone looking at them clearly sees is the return of color on their face as the blood pumped per heartbeat begins to increase and reaches the face which was thus far lacking proper circulation. Finally, many feel their mental clarity elevated, again, due to more blood reaching their brain. These are real observations anyone can make, which for most people occurs, during their very first ABC™ treatment.

Collapsed posture also puts strain on your digestive organs all of which reside in the abdominal cavity. Clients report being able to “tolerate” more foods than before within a few days of starting ABC™ treatments. No magic here, the digestive organs are no longer strained, so they start performing better.