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Last revised on September 13, 2020

In addition to a collapsed posture, injuries in the vertebrae and associated compensations result in your spine being twisted in various places. These twists tense up surrounding muscles that can transmit forces in distant parts of the body. Take carpal tunnel syndrome for example – structurally speaking, the following sequence describes what happens when your wrists hurt:

A bone or bones in the spine get displaced causing an undue pressure on the surrounding Latissimus Dorsi muscles which tenses up to compensate for the consequent loss of leverage. These are the back muscles at work when you do your pull-ups.

Lats go from the lower back all the way to your shoulder attaching to the bone on the upper arm from the front. The upper arm bone gets pulled twisting the elbow joint which, in turn tugs on forearm sending radial shooting pain signals to the wrist which is conventionally treated by surgery. And does it go away for good? No, it invariably returns because the spinal bones that started the problem originally were never fixed. And when you fix the main injury, the issue reverses. It’s like the old lady who swallowed a fly – playing out in your body!

Pain in parts of the body that are distant from the spine like knees and elbows again are the result of similar phenomena. We have had two clients within the past year avoid hip surgery after five months of regular ABC™ treatments. Others have found relief from severe knee, shoulder, and lower-back pain.

In fact, structural problems with various body organs is no different. We have seen hiatal hernia improve after merely five weeks of ABC™ treatments and are awaiting results for a client with turned uterus who can’t conceive for that reason.