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Last revised on September 13, 2020

The icing on the cake is: as your spine’s natural curves are restored, so does the natural shape of the body. We instinctively associate beauty with a symmetrical body appearance on the sides and specific curves from front to back. According to some scientists, this association evolved when we, as a species, observed that those with symmetrical and curvy appearances were also more fertile and therefore good candidates for furthering the maintenance of our genetic line.

This corresponds perfectly with our experience with ABC™ since it improves multiple aspects of health improving the overall quality of life. To be precise, you don’t need a facelift, breast augmentation or butt-job. What you really need is regular ABC™ treatments until the normal curvature of your spine is restored, naturally.

Correct structure is foundational to human health. Advanced BioStructural Correction™ helps to restore it. Like any holistic approach, this allows the body to resume its homeostasis, identifying it as the baseline state it needs to retain to thrive. It raises the body’s awareness so it can detect issues before they escalate into diseases. It gives the body and mind their innate wisdom so they can work together to give you an optimum experience of what we call life.

Hopefully, this gives you a good idea of what regular ABC™ treatments can do for you and your loved ones. By the way, everything we have discussed in this article can be seen in a video we share with you before your first treatment. The computer animation shows what sequence of changes occur in the body as a result of spinal injuries. That way you don’t have to rely on your imagination to visualize something you likely have never encountered in real life.