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Last revised on August 21, 2020

[themify_quote]Add only that which is wholesome into your body,
Remove all that which is unwholesome from your body,
If you can do these two acts,
You will live a long, healthy and fulfilled life.[/themify_quote]

That couldn’t have been said better. Our body has an innate ability to recognize what’s good for it. This can easily be seen by using muscle testing or a simple “sway test”. It is only when we lose a healthy balance either at the physical level or at the emotional level that our conscious minds fail to tell the good from the bad.

That results in eating and drinking unhealthy and perpetuates a vicious cycle of internal infections that not only go unnoticed for years but also give rise to food cravings on one hand and chronic toxicity on the other.

Modern day lifestyle also plays a vital role in our eating choices. In my case, for example, I was raised with home cooked meals. Even when I started working, I would pack my lunch and avoid eating out as much as possible. That is until I moved away from my parents’ house to work in the UK. There, I depended on microwaveable frozen dinners or eating out at a nearby pub, which eventually took its toll on my health.

Last, but not the least, our emotional states affect our daily choices even when it comes to eating. Eating when emotionally vulnerable is widely acknowledged. These emotional imbalances drive us to mindless eating and drinking and volumes can be filled up describing the whys and hows of this well-known phenomenon.

[themify_box style=”blue comment rounded blue” ]The Emotion Code can help clear the offending emotions. We have seen many cases in which addictions cleared up after a session or two since the emotional imbalances driving these habits were no longer holding the victim hostage.[/themify_box]

The second part of the equation is all about elimination. Again, the body has a built-in ability to excrete what is harmful to its maintenance. This ability is suppressed when we either eat unhealthily or use some of the conventional medical treatments, both of which serve to confuse the body by inhibiting its natural functions. Although medical treatments, when used under supervision, are sometimes necessary, even a lot of over-the-counter drugs can put one in the same predicament.

When elimination pathways of the body are compromised, it goes through various stages of homotoxicosis which lead to chronic toxicity and, in turn, degenerative diseases.

In summary, it is best to eat unprocessed, whole foods and natural ways of restoring health. Cooking at home and educating oneself about the use of natural remedies may seem daunting at first, however, if you give it a try you will soon see that it’s well worth your while.