Interplay of the fundamental aspects

To understand how to achieve complete health, we must first recognize that the three fundamental levels where health issues arise are closely connected with one another. Deficits in the aspects of structure, physiology, and emotions that cause dis-ease share three factors:

  1. Each one affects the other two
  2. They may, and usually do, develop over time.
  3. Fixing one can positively affect the others.

Structural anomalies develop and worsen over time leading to chronic ailments that just don’t make sense to the conventional medical understanding. We discussed earlier how they can cause both physiological and psychological illnesses. Because of this interconnectedness, fixing structural problems can alleviate numerous issues that don’t seem related on the surface.

Likewise, physiological issues can compromise structural integrity of the body. Mineral deficiencies are compensated for by drawing calcium and magnesium from tissues, for example, adversely affecting bone and muscular structure. Nervous system toxicity may manifest as poor posture and balance. Imbalances in microbiota may cause emotional distress like food cravings, irritability, and depression.

Emotional issues likewise can induce clinical stress in individuals leading to elevated cortisol levels. That can contribute to cardiovascular problems, digestive complaints, neurological issues, and autoimmune reactions. Just fixing emotional problems an individual can be relieved of many ailments that are triggered by emotional upsets.

Coming back to senses

There is a very good reason why chronic diseases take time to develop to the point where we’re forced to seek help. Our bodies are built to survive. We can handle structural, physiological, and emotional stressors for years. During this time our bodies continue to adapt. Our sense of “normal” life shifts.

We become okay with a little limp, the body has provisioned structural compensations in place. We become okay with irregularity and occasional heartburn, maybe even learn to live with skin rashes. We toughen ourselves up to emotional abuse in relationships by “sucking it up” or “sticking it up” rather than resisting or resolving it.

In time, structural issues pile up to become a cripple, physiological problems escalate into diabetes, cancer, or cardiovascular events, and emotional turmoil develops into panic attacks or depression. It’s as though we had pushed our feelings down to where we couldn’t notice them. We had numbed our senses so we could ignore our ailing body’s whispers for help.

We allow a disconnect to develop that promotes a gap between our feelings and wisdom. That’s how we survive in the midst of constant attacks to the three fundamental aspects of our health. And it’s because of this very disconnect that chronic disease develops. It’s about time we come back to senses and recognize our feelings and sensations for what they are: signals of harmony or dis-ease.