Think of human body as a machine and you’ll see it has multiple points of failure just like a piece of an equipment with moving parts. Our sophisticated organism is endowed with self-regulating mechanics and biochemistry as well as the capacity of emotional expression. These three aspects together cover our physiological and psychological makeup often referred to as bodymind.

Health issues occur when there’s a disruption in our organism with its mechanics, physiology, or mental capacities. This interference occurs at the three fundamental levels which cause or contribute to almost all illnesses known to man.

  1. Structural anomalies
  2. Biochemical disturbances
  3. Emotional vulnerabilities

When viewing health we must begin with the gross reality, that which we can see and feel, then move toward the subtler expressions of the organism. It’s obvious that if you have a fractured or dislocated bone, you can’t function normally. Next, if the chemistry dealing with biological processes is disturbed, the body loses its homeostasis causing health issues. Finally, when you are unable to maintain psychological composure due to an emotional vulnerability, your mental capacities diminish compromising your ability to beneficially interact with others and make decisions.

Next we’ll review each aspect to gain a foundational understanding on what causes illnesses.