Course Objective

It’s been said that taking care of yourself is an essential part of taking care of others. This course teaches self-care practices that help you maintain and restore your health using age-old techniques.

You’ll also learn the science behind the techniques taught so you know you’re investing your time doing something with scientific validity. My hope with this course is to offer simple advice that anyone can use in their lives economically and with ease.

Course Description

This online course on self care is inspired by the need to show clients the hows and whys of simple practices to maintain good health.

In today’s culture, from East to West, there is a degree of guilt associated with caring for oneself. It is as though when caring for ourselves we lose time that could be better utilized serving others like our work superiors, customers, or family members. Caring for oneself is seen as being unproductive.

Conversely, spending time on frivolous recreation is accepted without a hitch. That may be because we live in a consumer-centric society and most pastime activities involve spending money that boosts economy.

Anyone paying attention would realize that recreation does not necessarily equal rejuvenation. And if one is concerned about being able to serve others in their work or family affairs then it’s imperative they first take care for themselves. Without self-care the body and mind eventually burn out and we are no longer able to fulfill our responsibilities properly.

Worse yet, our bodies get sick and we start living our lives in physical and emotional pain while our responsibilities continue demanding our attention and service. That would be one reason, if none else, to make time every single day to care for yourself. This course will show you how.