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About Vaibhav Bawa

Vaibhav Bawa is a certified clinician in meridian stress assessment using methods that bring various healing modalities in one place. Vaibhav is also Certified Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Practitioner and help his clients with chronic pain issues caused due to structural injuries. He helps people reverse illnesses with dietary adjustments, natural supplements, posture correction, and mindfulness meditation. Vaibhav grew up in India, where the timeless tradition of Ayurvedic Medicine originated and continues to widely influence the culture today. He was raised to be an advocate of healthy eating, exercise, and natural means of personal health care. Having been used to the eating patterns from his upbringing, Vaibhav started experiencing health issues several years ago after moving to North America. That, along with another sequence of events led him into an in-depth studying of mechanisms that govern our health. In addition to his credentials, Vaibhav has also received various training including Iyengar-style yoga, Foot Reflexology, Reiki, Gerson Diet, Insight Meditation, and The Emotion Code. In his spare time, he enjoys taking nature walks, reading and writing non-fiction, and spending time with his family.

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